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Our Italian Collection

We are proud to be in partnership with the Officina Stellare

They have an exciting and innovative line up of telescopes, ranging from blisteringly fast astrographs to large aperture research grade instruments.

They were the easy choice for us!


Officina Stellare Veloce RH 200 8" F/3 MkII with Finger Lakes Instruments ML8300 CCD Camera

From only £6.66 per image!


A super fast 16" f/3.8 astrograph Currently being made - Available in 3 - 5 months

From only £13.33 per image!


The NEW 10" F/3 astrograph Currently being made - Available in 3 - 5 months

From only £16.32 per image!

Some of our other equpiment


Borg 125SD
Borg 125 SD F/3.9 with a QSI 683WSG CCD Camera on a Paramount MX

From only £5.66 per image!


ASA 12N Newtonian Astrograph
ASA 12" F/3.6 Carbon Fibre Astrograph with a FLI PL-16803 CCD camera

From only £9.32 per image!

Coming later...

Some exciting setups to keep your eyes open for!


A large long focal length telescope
We're still working on this one but it should be coming on board by March 2018


A wide field imaging setup
Capture lots of the sky in one shot!
We're still working on this one very soon.

What's with all the names?

Some of the bright sparks amongst you may have noticed we have named all of our Telescopes after astronauts, we just thought given what we do and what they did it would be an awesome way to talk about some of our heroes as well as give our setups a cool name.

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