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Image the Universe is proud to use e-EyE in the South of Spain to bring you some of the darkest skies in Europe coupled with a professional modern facility with second to none personal service.

Located at 560m Altitude
Seeing >21.5 seeing below 2”
In an area designated a desert as it is so dry.

Inside one of the observatories

Professional & modern
Our state of the art facility will maximise your imaging potential.

Large professional facility

The best location in Europe


In anticipation of the Photons arrival

Your window to the universe

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Location is everything!

Once you have this sorted the rest will fall into place, it's the foundation everything else is built upon

Based at a remote location in southern Spain at a latitude of 38° N and some 560m above sea level in an area designated a desert! With extremly dark skies our latest sky readings show an average seeing of 2 arc-seconds and a SQM greater than 21.5. Annually this location has proven to give 180 to 250 imaging nights, with our F/3 telescope this could equate to more than 150 images a year.

Current site data

Below we have the current SQM read out from e-EyE
Right we have e-EyE's All Sky Camera
Bottom current satellite images from EUMetSat

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