Why Image The Universe

Want professional images? Let us take the strain

Acquiring quality data taken using high end equipment at a perfect location has previously been attainable only by professional astronomers. It has never been easy for the amateur to achieve this without significant financial commitments... until now!

Our mission is a simple one!

  • Affordability
  • High-end equipment
  • Desirable dark sky locations

Premium Equipment

In the right hands better equipment will always give better results. That's why at ITU we decided that we would only use high quality equipment.

Premium Data

Add premium equipment to near perfect locations and you will get platinum grade data. You will receive regular data of the highest quality ready for you to process world-class images.

Premium Location

We wanted to maximise the amount of achievable images. With this in mind, we will only choose locations with plenty of clear nights, dark skies and great seeing.


We would like to remove the prohibitive costs associated with remote imaging, making it as accessible and affordable as owning your own equipment (see cost comparisons below).

Why we chose subscriptions

Low cost per image ratio, as little as £5.66 per image
Subscribers will have access to expensive equipment
Low cost initial outlay, even when compared to a basic home setup (see below)
It's democratic - We all get to choose what is imaged
Flexibility - you can change your subscription every year if you wish

Basic Setup

A backyard setup

Intermediate Setup

A home observatory setup

Our Remote Observatory

Based on Gus
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    Basic Setup

    • Telescope

      Skywatcher ED80 With Reducer
    • Mount

      Skywatcher NEQ6 Pro
    • CCD Camera

      Starlight XPress Trius SX-674
    • Filter Wheel

      Starlight XPress
    • Filters

      Baader LRGB / Ha Oiii Sii / IDAS LPF
    • Software

      Sequence Generator Pro
    • Guidescope

      Skywatcher ST80
    • Guide camera

      QHY5-2 Mono
    • Extras

      Dew control, cables, extension tubes ETC
    • Mounting Hardware

      Dovetails, Rings, Guidescope rings
    • Cover

      Astro Jackets telescope cover

    Intermediate Setup

    • Telescope

      Takahashi FSQ 85 ED
    • Mount

      Skywatcher EQ8 Pro
    • CCD Camera

      QSI 683 WSG-8 (8 Postition wheel & OAG)
    • Focuser

      Lakeside Electric Focuser
    • Filters

      Baader LRGB / Ha Oiii Sii / IDAS LPF
    • Software

      Maxim DL Pro Suite
    • Extras

      Dew Control, cables, extension tubes
    • Mounting Hardware

      Dovetails, Rings
    • Guide camera

      Lodestar X2
    • Observatory

      IKI 12x8' / Motorised with ASCOM
    • Pier

      Altair Astro

    Our Setup

    • Telescope

      Officina Stellare RH-200 MKII
    • Mount

      Paramount MX
    • CCD Camera

      FLI ML-8300
    • Filter Wheel

      FLI CFW2-7
    • Filters

      Astrodon LRGB / Ha Oiii Sii
    • Guidescope

      Officina Stellare Falco
    • Guide camera

      Starlight XPress Lodestar X2
    • Focuser

      FLI Atlas
    • Software

      ACP, Maxim DL
    • Pier

      Pier & Head
    • Remote Observatory

      IP Cam, Weather station, Obsy Control, Remote Hosting (Based on 5 years of hosting)

    We have not allowed in our calculations for are breakdowns/replacements of your equipment as we could not quantify that. This is not relevant with “Our Remote Setup” and in the unlikely event of a breakdown all is taken care of as part of your subscription.

5 year cost comparison

We have based this cost comparison on a few factors as well as our experience of imaging in the field. Some locations may fair better than our comparison, others like the UK for example, 30 good clear nights would be an exceptional year. At the end of the day you know your own location better than us so this is only a guide to help us explain the process.

Based over 5 years

Basic Setup 100 images (20 / year)
Intermediate Setup 125 images (25 / year)
Our Setup 750 images (150 / year)

Above values are approximate

Based over 5 years

Reasons why ITU may work for you

  • Locations with temperate climates

    On average these type of location get less than 40 or 50 really clear nights a year in which to gather quality data, most nights are either spent dodging clouds, high level mist or waiting for the rain to clear. Compare this to 180 to 220 clear nights a year from our location.
  • Work & family commitments

    It’s a fine balance between work, life and your hobby and as much as we like to image we love our families and need to work to fund it all!
  • I am too tired and I can’t actually be bothered to go out factor

    Some nights, after a hard days work, and little, if any, gap between the clouds, it’s difficult to motivate yourself to get out of a comfy sofa to image! I think this one will resonate with us all.
    Remember, as part of your ITU subscription that it’s our job to keep the data flowing so you don’t have to.
  • You just fancy imaging a different part of the sky

    You're just so darn lucky that you already image from an excellent location and you simply fancy trying a new section of the universe without blowing your imaging budget.
  • Love to process?

    Your current location isn't fulfilling your data needs, we will be able to keep you busy with one of our subscriptions.
  • You want to try your skills with the best equipment

    Despite this it is hard for you to justify that level of investment. Why buy when you can subscribe to ITU for a fraction of the cost?
  • We love imaging from home too!

    Like most of you we also enjoy nights out under the stars imaging from our home observatories. Get the best of both worlds and have the data from two locations.
  • Imaging can be frustrating

    Gathering data can be a frustrating exercise with gremlins, poor guiding, drop outs and general PC connection issues (ITU takes care of all this and more, allowing you time to create the masterpiece)
  • Growing together

    We want to be your imaging partner and work together to make you and us the best provider and in turn help you to become an accomplished imager (see Professional tutoring)
  • View our role at ITU

    • Experience
      At ITU we are seasoned imagers that can do the mundane, tricky and sometimes frustrating job of data collection
    • Automation
      We are designing our system to be as fully automated as it can be with scripting and controlled by a weather station, when its clear it's imaging period, there is no slack or down time (scripting software, allowing us to run local weather based imaging runs)
    • Pre checks
      Our data will always be framed, in focus and without artefacts and ready for you to apply calibration files and process
    • Quality control
      We perform a daily spot checks on any data acquired the night before so you can be assured when we say the data is ready for download, it actually is!
    • Quality assurance
      We will never upload inferior or substandard data
    • We take the strain
      Collecting the data, allowing you to be creative
    • Technology
      We won’t sit on our laurels, we want to bring new technology to our members as it becomes available
    • Personal touch
      A hands on team that are always willing to help, support and advise
    • A friendly ear
      Suggestions or good ideas, these are always welcome

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